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Ski Jumping
Ski Jumping
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Ski Jumping

A highly-skilled sport, ski jumping is a combination of alpine skiing and cross-country skiing, originating in Norway, possibly as far back as the 18th Century. A really popular spectator sport, ski jumping required competitors to ski down a ramp or slope and then jump as far as possible from the end of said ramp or slope. It was introduced as a Winter Olympic sport in 1924, and continues to be a big drawcard every four years.

Ski jump scoring

Although the distance of the jump is a big factor, ski jump is also scored on a number of other areas, including in-run length, wind conditions and style. When it comes to individual events, skiers have two competitive jumps which are combined for an overall score.

The ski jumping distance is dependent on the K-Point of the slope being competed on, with 60 points for normal and large slopes and 120 points for flying slopes - provided ski jumpers hit their K-Point target. If they go further than the K-Point then they get more points accordingly.

Ski jumpers need to land in the Telemark style, named for the Norwegian county of Telemark. This particular style requires competitors to land with one foot in front of the other, having their knees bent slightly. If they don’t do this then they can be docked points. Because the style of the jump is so important, jumping styles have evolved over the years according to era popularity.

The story Eddie the Eagle

No ski jumping history is complete without a look at this British legend. Michael Edwards AKA Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards started as a downhill skier, but never made it, so he switched to a relatively unknown British sport, ski jumping. With no serious competitors – and despite his heavy-set body and far-sightedness – Eddie qualified to represent Great Britain at the 1988 Winter Olympics. He finished dead last and, despite his popularity, the ‘Eddie The Eagle Rule’ now prevents unlikely competitors from qualifying for Winter Olympic events.

Entertainment, action and lots of snow – ski jumping has it all. Get involved in the fun by placing your wager with Sportingbet SA today!


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