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Combat Sports

Also known as fighting or competitive contact sports, combat sports involve one-on-one combat with the winner generally scoring more points or disabling the opponent. There are a wide variety of combat sports, from country-to-country, all of which provide exciting combat sports’ betting opportunities.

The common combat sports are:

The different combat sports require varying skill sets and rely on different moves to counter the opponent. In boxing, for example, you can only use punches or risk being disqualified, while taekwondo uses mostly kicks. In Muay Thai, you can use elbows and knees, something you won’t see in many of the other combat sports disciplines, and there also those that involve the use of weapons and armour, such as fencing.

One of the most popular combat sports currently is Mixed Martial Arts or MMA. The name was apparently first coined in 1993, with this full-contact combat sport allowing for striking and grappling - standing and on the ground - using techniques from various combat sports and martial arts. Another popular combat sport is wrestling, which – like boxing – combines showmanship with sports for a really entertaining event.

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