Cricket Betting Odds


Sportingbet brings you all the very best Cricket betting odds from around the World! Catch all the Test, One Day International and Twenty20 cricket action. Through Sportingbet South Africa, you’re also able to find the latest prices on a wide selection of international and domestic matches. We make cricket betting a lot more exciting by offering the innovative Live Betting option, so you are able to cast your bets as the cricket action unfolds in real time.

There are so many different cricket betting opportunities available to you with the modern game. You can ease into the crease with an outright ‘match outcome’ which is a straight cricketing bet on which side will win a limited-overs match. You can take it a step further with a ‘series winner’ bet for Test matches which has the added element of a ‘draw’. You can put yourself out there by betting on the exact series score as well.

But it doesn’t end there. Cricket betting takes on a number of dynamic formats including betting on the leading run scorer and leading wicket taker. These bets might involve a bit more research but can be hugely lucrative if you make the right call. Another cricket betting option is betting on the highest opening partnership, taking into account how the opening batsmen do against certain bowlers and anticipating their odds.

A new market in cricket betting is the number of boundaries which is the total number of fours and sixes scored in a game. Things to consider with this bet are obviously the type of batsmen in a particular side, the cricketing grounds as well as the altitude of the grounds (balls tend to fly further at a higher altitudes).

Whether you are looking for match betting, cricket specials or top batsman odds, we have it covered. So, if you love cricket – and cricket betting - there's a market available for you!


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