Cross-country Ski Betting Odds

Cross-country Skiing

Rather than using ski lifts or any form of assistance (although sometimes poles are used), cross-country skiing is effectively competitors traversing snow-covered terrain using the motion of their bodies. This particular winter sport reportedly became competitive in 1843, with Norway soon establishing ski-touring competitions. It now consists of numerous annual tournaments with the top three being:

The Fédération Internationale de Ski is the governing body for skiing events including cross-country skiing. The organisation oversees various criteria related to the sport so as to enhance it for spectators. Some of the elements now managed include:

  • The design of the course
  • The need for different race formats
  • The layout of the courses used
  • The ability for skiers with disabilities to take part on courses
  • The layout of the stadium where any events take place
  • The need to have racing rooms and ski test areas
  • The presence of a warm-up course

Cross-country Skiing Betting

All of this makes for some really exciting cross-country skiing betting opportunities, available through Sportingbet SA. Some of the betting options to consider include:

  • Betting on the winner – this is usually done before the start of an event and allows you to bet on an outright winner.
  • Betting on one competitor over another – if you’re more interested in the rivalry between two particular participants rather than the outright winner, then this is a great betting option.
  • Betting on the field – as with most sporting events, cross-country skiing often has a favourite so, to making the bet more interesting, you can bet on another potential winner outside of the favourite.

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