Maximize Your Wins: Exploring the Strategy Behind Build a Bet

Maximize Your Wins: Exploring the Strategy Behind Build a Bet - sportingbet

Sometimes you just know how a game is going to play out. This is more than just knowing who’s going to win — you know which player is going to score in which half. You even know how many corners will be taken. 

Betting on these factors one by one is fine and dandy, but you’re spreading your money thin and you can’t get the return you’re looking for if all your predictions are correct. You need a way to combine all your bets into a single bet with extraordinary odds that it all comes to fruition. 

You need Build a Bet. Here’s how they work.

Customizable Bets

This may all seem like another word for a multi bet, but build a bet has so much more to offer. Where multi bets do allow you to bet on multiple markets, they don’t allow you to bet multiple markets on the same match. Build a Bet is completely customizable and lets you bet however you like. They allow to make complex predictions, within the same match as well as outside of it. The payoff? Extraordinary odds in your favour! You'll find Build a Bets in a variety of sports, but they're particularly popular in soccer.

Like accumulator bets, Build a Bet combines your odds to push them to extremely high values. Here’s an example.

Bernley is set to play Arsenal in the Premier League.

You decide to make three bets

Arsenal to win: 1.30

Exact score 0-1 to Arsenal: 2.55

Gabriel De Jesus to score anytime: 2.60

So what you’ve done is bet that Gabriel De Jesus will score a winning goal for Arsenal at some point in the match. If you take those as three separate bets, your odds are quite standard, not great but not terrible. 

Now, let’s try combine the bets with a Build a Bet. Your total odds are now 6.0, that’s R300 from a R50 stake! 

What to Watch Out for

There is one downside to Build a Bet, and it’s not to be taken lightly. When you combine your bet in Build a Bet, you’re betting that every part of the bet will occur, and if it doesn’t, you lose the entire bet. You don’t get the odds of the bets that you did get right, it’s all considered one bet, and it’s all or nothing. Because of this, Build a Bet bets are some of the riskiest bets you can make. There’s a reason that the odds are so high — the chances of your predictions coming to fruition are slim.

That being said, Build a Bet adds a new dimension to your betting experience, and if you’re strong of heart and will, they can be the most satisfying wins out there.

Bet Building with Sportingbet

Sportingbet makes bet building a simple, straightforward process. Just look out for the orange highlighted ‘BUILD A BET’ text. Only matches marked like this are compatible with bet building.

Screenshot 2024 02 19 121800 - sportingbet

Click on the match you want to bet on to take you to its betting markets.

Screenshot 2024 02 19 121851 - sportingbet

Then simply click on the betting markets you want to bet on. Each betting market selected will be added to your betting slip.

Screenshot 2024 02 19 121944 - sportingbet

From there on it’s just like making any other bet. 

It’s as easy as that. Study your statistics, watch your games, calculate your odds and go and make the most adventurous bet possible. You might just make the win of a lifetime. The best part is, it’s super easy with Sportingbet.