Mastering Multi Bet: The Future of Wagering

Mastering Multi Bet: The Future of Wagering - sportingbet

Get rewarded for upping your sports betting game with a multibet from Sportingbet! Let’s take a closer look at what a multibet is and how you can get your winnings boosted when you sign up with Sportingbet.

What is a Multibet in Sports Betting?

A multibet is when you have multiple bets from different games on a single betting slip. This means you can only bet on a single market from each game. At Sportingbet, you can have up to 50 bets on a multibet. 

But why choose a multibet instead of a series of individual bets? The perk of a multibet is that you multiply odds by one another to get an even greater return on your bet!

So let’s say I enjoy betting on multiple sports and want to use my insight to increase my odds, here’s how it would go:

Medvedev to win against Shevchenko at the ATP Dubai: 1.10

Max Verstappen to win the Bahrain GP Free Practice: 2.50

New Castle to win against Wolves in the Premier League: 1.85

I then multiply 1.10 x 2.50 x 1.85 = 5.08. So if all three bets are correct, I get a much higher return than if I bet on them separately.

If you want to bet on multiple markets on the same game, then you use a bet builder, which has the same odds structure.

The downside to a multibet is that if one of your predictions don’t come to fruition, you lose the entire bet, even if all your other predictions were correct. That’s why some caution needs to be applied when making a multibet because the odds are ultimately against you.

Get a Multiboost with Sportingbet

Sportingbet is offering a boost to your multibet winnings! Here’s how it works:

  • Select at least two bets on two different games
  • Makes sure the minimum odds for each bet is 1.25 (1/4)
  • If your bet is successful, Sportingbet adds a bonus of 2% - 500% to your winnings.
  • Get up to R10,000,000 in bonuses!

So if you enjoy Tennis betting, F1 betting, soccer betting, and just about any betting on the Sportingbet website (note that there are some restrictions), a multibet might just be the smartest choice for you. Visit to try it out for yourself!