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Share My Bet - Get The Scoop! - sportingbet

Sports betting has been a steady constant in society in some way shape or form. Dating back to Ancient Rome, where it was common for bets to be placed in the city on the circus or chariot races. To as recently as 1994, when sports betting was first legalised in South Africa; and even so not in all areas.

Fast forward to the present and we’ve come a long way since Roman times; the South African online sports betting industry has evolved at an accelerated rate since legalisation. Sportsbooks in South Africa have become more intuitive; offering an array of products that try and fit seamlessly into punters’ betting behaviour and habits. One such feature offered by Sportingbet South Africa is Share My Bet.

In an ever-expanding social landscape, players are increasingly looking for ways to share experiences whether on social media or as a modern content creator! This is one of the reasons why Sportingbet has created the very exciting and popular Share My Bet feature. 

We’ve all had some banter between friends and family over what we think upcoming sports results will be. There is no better feeling than when your prophetic predictions turn out to be winners! Sportingbet now allows punters to easily share their bets with friends and family, allowing them to easily follow your bets.

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How do I place a joint wager with Sportingbet?

  • Access your Sportingbet account by logging in.
  • Locate the sport, league, and match on which you wish to wager.
  • By clicking the odds, you can make your selection(s).
  • To place a wager, navigate to your bet slip, enter your stake, and click Place Bet.
  • Click Share My Bet alongside the arrow icon on the Bet Confirmation screen.
  • If you agree not to share your wager with anyone under the age of 18, click Confirm.
  • Choose the platform through which you want to share your wager, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, or SMS.
  • Your friend will receive an email containing a link to your wager. They will be prompted to log in when they click. Your wager will appear on their wager slip.

It’s that easy to share your bet! Sportingbet continues to create new features to improve the experience of online sports betting in South Africa. We all know that sharing is caring so sign up, log in and give it a shot, Happy Betting!