Capitec Pay On Ozow

Capitec Pay On Ozow - sportingbet

Capitec Pay provides a fast and secure alternative method for making all your Sportingbet deposits, eliminating the need for entering your bank account or card information and by linking your customer details to your mobile phone, you can initiate a deposit by using your cell number!

Is there a difference between Capitec and Capitec Pay?

Yes, very simply - Capitec Pay is a new payment method offered by Capitec via Ozow. The solution replaces the need to use remote banking credentials to make deposits. Instead, you can now provide just your cellphone number as the bank identifier.  

This means making payments is easier and faster!

Why Capitec Pay?

Capitec Pay offers all Sportingbet players a direct integration between Ozow and Capitec using open banking frameworks, which means:

  • You don’t have to share any of your banking details with online merchants.
  • Pay using just your cell phone number, and verify the payment on your app.
  • It's a safe and secure way to pay online.

Benefits to using Capitec Pay

  • Faster transaction time.
  • Streamlined user flow, requiring only the cellphone number linked to your Capitec profile. 
  • Improved security through in-app transaction authentication. 
  • Increased user control over which merchants Capitec Pay can be used.

How to Use Capitec Pay on Ozow

Follow these simple steps to harness the full potential of Ozow on your Sportingbet account.
1. Navigate to the bank selection page
Ozow_Sportingbet - sportingbet
Capitec Pay will be displayed on the bank selection page
2. Enter your credentials
Ozow_Capitec_Sportingbet - sportingbet
Customers will enter their cellphone number, and no longer their online banking login details.
3. Payment authorisation
Capitec_Confirmation_Sportingbet - sportingbet
Finally, the payment notification is in your Capitec app and you can follow the below steps to approve the payment.
4. Capitec banking app confirmation
Screenshot 2023 05 03 103230 - sportingbet
The notification in the Capitec banking app will show the transaction amount, as well as the merchant requesting the payment.
5. You're all done!
Ozow Complete - sportingbet
Once a customer has clicked on the "Pay" button the payment will be finalized and confirmed.

Sportingbet South Africa remains at the forefront of the online sports betting customer experience. With this and more payment options being added continuously, sports betting has never been easier.