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Politics Betting Odds


Brexit, campaigning, elections … politics can be quite a tedious affair, but fortunately Sportingbet SA has found a way to make it much more exciting – politics’ betting! The past five years has seen a massive increase in both the way political campaigns are run (think social media platforms and Tweeting presidents) connected with an uptake in interest from the betting public.

If you’re somewhat of a beginner in the world of politics’ betting, then here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Be objective – you vote for the political party you want to win, but you bet on the political party you actually think is going to win. It’s a golden rule in betting that you never back your favourite if you’re not being objective. Try to follow both sides of the media – liberal and conservative – so that you have a more balanced idea of what is actually happening.

2. Bet on what you know – political elections are not like game shows and entertainment contests, with voting options quite straight-forward. There are so many socio-economic and party factors to take into account, which is why you should really only bet on what you know.

3. It’s not all about the winner – the great thing about politics’ betting is that there are so many different betting options within the bigger framework. You don’t just have to bet on the outcome of a general election, but rather betting on which smaller parties will get representation in parliament, or which candidates will come out tops within their parties.

4. Take populism into account – once party loyalty dictated the election results, but recent upsets in many elections (America in 2016, Brexit in 2016) have shown that this isn’t the case. Populism is a key factor that needs to be considered.

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge, why not get involved in the politics of it all with Sportingbet SA! With presidential elections, general elections, party leaders and even Nobel Peace Prize winners to bet on, get on the winning team with Sportingbet SA.


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