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Floorball Betting Odds


If you’ve clicked on this link because you’re wondering: ‘what is floorball and what are the betting opportunities available?’ then you’re definitely at the right place! Floorball is effectively a form of indoor hockey consisting of five players and a goalkeeper per team. Using sticks, the teams work to score the ball in opposing goals in 20-minute gaming sessions.

Floorball Rules

To get you ready for your first floorball wager, here is a quick overview of the rules of floorball:

  • No touching the ball with hands
  • Foot passes to another player are allowed, but players may not kick the ball twice in a row
  • No jumping
  • Players cannot lay down or go down on two knees to make plays or block shots
  • Ball must be received on a stick below knee level
  • Sticks must stay below waist level when shooting with a similar follow-through allowed
  • No stick checking, lifting, locking, or slashing
  • No playing your stick between another player’s legs
  • No body contact with the exception of incidental shoulder contact
  • No playing the ball intentionally with the head
  • Substitutions may occur at any time

Origins and league of floorball

The game of floorball was invented in Sweden in the late 1960s, with the basic rules established 19 years later when the world’s first floorball club, Sala IBK, was founded. It is an internationally recognised sport governed by the International Floorball Federation (IFF), and, as of 2014, there were more than 300 000 registered floorball players worldwide. Locally, Floorball South Africa (FSA) is the registered organisation responsible for the sport in the country. FSA oversees competitions and encourages the promotion of players to professional level.

Some of the major international floorball contests include:

  • The Euro Floorball Cup
  • The World Floorball Championships
  • Professional club leagues: Finland's Salibandyliiga and Sweden's
  • Floorball Betting

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