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It’s important to keep pushing your boundaries and try something new which is why Sportingbet SA doesn’t only offer sports’ betting opportunities, but also the chance to wager on your favourite television programme or awards’ show through entertainment news’ betting. Some of the exciting categories offered by Sportingbet SA include (among others):

Entertainment News Betting Option

There are often overlaps with sports’ betting, so if you’ve been wagering on cricket, football, tennis, or the like, then you’ll catch on quickly. For the beginners to entertainment news’ betting, here’s a look at what you can expect.

  • Moneyline bets: this is a great starter bet where you wager on the winning outcome of any event. In entertainment news’ betting, this could be placing a wager on which movie will win best picture, or who will win best director.
  • Over/under bets: this is where you bet on whether a score will be higher or lower. For entertainment news, this could be how much money a film will gross on its opening weekend.
  • Proposition (prop) bets: these are quite similar to moneyline bets but, instead of focusing on a final outcome of an event, it will focus on a restricted aspect of an event. An example of prop betting is wagering on who will perform a musical number at the Academy Awards, whether there will be a wardrobe malfunction or whether someone will trip on the red carpet.

Make an entertaining event even more entertaining with Sportingbet SA’s numerous entertainment news’ betting options! With the best odds and ongoing promotions, there is no place to be but with Sportingbet SA!


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