Vancouver Set For Rugby Sevens Spectacle

Vancouver Set For Rugby Sevens Spectacle - sportingbet

The HSBC Rugby SVNS is underway and the upcoming Vancouver leg is set to be a rugby betting extravaganza. With a total of 12 nations in it for the win, teams from across the world compete for the supreme title of HSBC World Champion. 

As it stands, the tournament is currently dominated by the Argentinians - but with only three of the eight legs played, it’s still anyone’s game. The action kicks off on February 23rd, in Vancouver and plays out until the 25th, so now’s your time to catch up on your games, study your stats, and place your rugby bets for the next round's winners.

HSBC SVNS Rugby History

The HSBC Rugby SVNS, run by World Rugby, began in 1999 under the name IRB World Sevens Series with the overall goal of giving the quick-footed elite of the rugby world an opportunity to compete for a world champion title. Over the past 24 years, it’s proven to be a testing ground for champions, and has produced some of the fiercest fast-paced rugby matches on record. 

Sports betting fans will want to pay close attention to the series’ historic winners. The early years of the tournament were dominated by New Zealand, winning six seasons in a row between 1999 and 2005, and managed to reclaim the trophy in 2007.

Since then, the trophy has bounced around between South Africa, Fiji, and Samoa - the days of back-to-back New Zealand wins now well in the past, despite their best efforts.

The Score So Far...

The 2023 Dubai leg saw South Africa come out on top with the win. The first signs of Argentina’s determination showed when they claimed second place, while New Zealand’s winning will reared its head when they managed to claim third.

Argentina gained momentum placing first in the Cape Town leg. Australia proved that they still got some bounce in them, when they secured second place, with Fiji placing third. Worth noting is Fiji’s consistent performance in fourth place when not present on the podium, keeping them in the running.

Finally the Perth tournament saw Argentina once again come out with the win, placing them at the summit of the overall leaderboard. Australia came in second place, but as a result of a disastrous performance in Dubai, they only managed to tie with a consistent Fijian squad for the second place spot on the overall standings. A dark horse in the competition, Ireland managed to bag third place in the Australian leg, but with an otherwise weak performance, they sit tied with South Africa for fourth place overall.

The top 5 leaderboard stands as follows: Argentina first with 58 points, Fiji and Australia tied for second with 44 points each, South Africa and Ireland up close behind them, tied in fourth place with 42 points each.

Rugby SVNS Argentina - sportingbet

Are There SVNS Rugby Betting Markets?

The rugby odds are naturally leaning towards Argentina as the favourite. With two wins already and a second place in the bag, it’s highly likely that they’ll aim to continue their dominant ways this season. That being said, now’s the time to find your footing and determine your favourite as each tournament gives you a chance to take advantage of our attractive SVNS rugby markets! 

Despite Argentina’s 14 point gap, there’s still another five tournaments to define a clear victor. Sevens rugby is lightning quick and offers sports betting fans an opportunity to get in on some speedy rugby betting action. The ever-changing leaderboard makes it anyone’s guess how each match will result. Sportingbet offers outright Tournament Winner and an array of rugby betting markets for each event; you’ll be sure to find your value bet!

So keep an eye on Sportingbet’s HSBC SVNS rugby betting page, and decide for yourself who will come out on top. Remember to bet responsibly and savour every moment of this fast-paced sporting spectacle.