UEFA Champions League Knockouts Heat Up

UEFA Champions League Knockouts Heat Up - sportingbet

The UEFA Champions League is the ultimate testing ground for international football clubs, and the 2023/24 season is proving to be one for the books. The league has had some updates to the format, bringing in more teams and more games. There have been some nail-biting matches, making for some exciting soccer betting opportunities; so let’s take a look at what’s happened so far, and who’s in the race to win the title.

What is The Brand New Format?

The most exciting update to the UEFA Champions League is the increase in the number of teams playing; there are now an additional 4 clubs joining the championship, bringing the total up to 36 from 32. The group stage is now called the league stage, and it has eight games for each team, upping the total number of games from 125 to 189. Each team will play eight matches, half at home, half away.

The seeding system has been given a complete facelift and now uses a system that’s known as the Swiss Model. From the initial 189 games, the top eight teams from the league stage will then qualify for the knockout stage. But it’s not the end of the road for the rest of the teams. Those finishing in position 9 to 24 will begin a two legged playoff to decide who will position in the last 16 of the knockout stage.

Knockout Stage Dates

Round of 16: 5/6/12/13 March 2024

Quarter-finals: 9/10 and 16/17 April 2024

Semi-finals: 30 April/1 May and 7/8 May 2024

Final: 1 June 2024

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Best Soccer Odds from the League Stage

Get ready to place your soccer bets because some clear and enticing patterns have already begun to emerge from the matches played so far. Here we’ll take a look at how the past five games have gone in each group of the league stage.

The league stage has shared some unexpected revelations. Group A has been absolutely dominated by FC Bayern Munich. Arsenal, leading Group B, have proven themselves to be a team to watch.

Group C has no surprises, showing off the overall favourites (and my personal bet) Real Madrid with a flawless five victories in five matches, with no sign of slowing down and Their Spanish cousins, Real Sociedad lead Group D. 

Some more Spanish ferocity can be seen in Group E, with Atlético Madrid coming out on top, definitely a soccer bet waiting to happen as well as Dortmund being the top scorer in Group F. 

Fans of English football will be proud to see Man City demolishing Group G with more great soccer betting to be had on this juggernaut. Group H’s number one spot is shared between Barcelona and FC Porto.

There are some clear favourites emerging from the league this year and epic soccer odds to take advantage of, so be sure to catch each nail-biting game, make your soccer bets, and win big this 2023/2024 season! 

Don’t forget to always bet responsibly and savour every moment as you experience the skills and finesse of the beautiful game.