A Battle for Spanish Supremacy: El Clásico!

A Battle for Spanish Supremacy: El Clásico! - sportingbet

Feel the flair of El Clásico! This is the name given to every battle between Spanish soccer giants, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid! Undoubtedly the most anticipated, contested and heated rivalry in Spanish soccer history, the clash is considered one of the biggest bouts in club soccer other than the epic UEFA Champions League Final! Known for its intensity, and star players, El Clásico is the ultimate battleground for these colossal rivals to test their might for ultimate glory.

Now that we’ve got your attention, are you interested in finding out more about this intense showdown? Well, let's gear up to step into the action with Sportingbet and explore the thrilling world of El Clásico.

Their History & Rivalry

Two of Spain's most successful soccer clubs, FC Barcelona, founded in 1899 and Real Madrid three years later, in 1902, share a bitterness and rivalry like few others. Stemming from their association with opposing political ideologies, with Barcelona representing Catalan resistance and progressive beliefs, while Real Madrid is associated with Spanish nationalism and conservatism.

Situated in different parts of Spain, the two were considered to have widely differing outlooks on the others political standing as Barcelona was seen as the rebellious club, and Real Madrid considered the establishment club. The first ever El Clasico between Barcelona and Real Madrid took place on 17 February 1929 at Les Corts, Barcelona's old homeground with Real Madrid winning 2-1 against Barcelona.

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Star-Studded Squads

One of the most captivating aspects of El Clásico is the sheer magnitude of talent between these two behemoths. Previous signings for these teams included that of legends with the likes of Ronaldo Nazario, Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos, David Beckham, Iker Casillas, Cristiano Ronaldo, Andres Iniesta, Carles Puyol, Lionel Messi, Sergio Busquets, Luis Figo, Samuel Eto’o, Thierry Henry, Xavi and Rivaldo.

So you can always anticipate a dazzling display when these two elites hit the turf!

Top El Clásico Moments of the 21st Century

This showdown promises nothing less than excitement and flair from start to finish. As a soccer fanatic, you're in for a thrilling ride and the best part - you can experience every nail-biting moment from the comfort of our SportingbetSA App on iOS or Android. Being one of soccer's most renowned fixtures/clashes, there are sure to be some noteworthy moments throughout the course of El Clásico’s history. So let us take a closer look at some of these memorable moments. 

  • Real Madrid 4 - 2 Barcelona (2005): The early 2000s were perhaps Los Blancos' best years in terms of player quality. With star-studded squads on either end of the pitch, Real Madrid boasted a team with the likes of Zinedine Zidane, Roberto Carlos, David Beckham, and Ronaldo Nazario. Barcelona also sported some notable players as well, like Samuel Eto'o, Ronaldinho, and Xavi. Real Madrid, however,  dominated this clash and won 4-2, with goals from Zidane, Ronaldo, Raul, and Michael Owen.
  • Barcelona 3 - 3 Real Madrid (2007): Still considered one of the most thrilling fixtures to date, when Lionel Messi thrilled the world. Despite being down 3-2, Messi went on to score a last-minute equalizer, showcasing his potential and prowess, scoring all 3 of Barcelona’s goals to secure a truly memorable result, solidifying his stature and commanding the attention of the soccer world.
  • Barcelona 5 - 0 Real Madrid (2010): Following a successful reign the previous season, Barcelona continued their dominance under manager Pep Guardiola. However, despite big spends on players like Benzema, Ozil and Ronaldo, the Nou Camp proved to be an impenetrable fortress as Real Madrid was demolished by the Catalan side 5 goals to nil. 
  • Barcelona 3 - 2 Real Madrid (2011): Arguably the most physical and dramatic El Clásico to date when these Spanish behemoths collided in the Supercopa de Espana aka the Spanish Super Cup in 2011. The first leg ended in an intense 2-2 draw, but it was the second leg that was truly captivating. Iniesta scored first for Barcelona, but Ronaldo quickly responded with an equalizer for Real Madrid. Messi then took over the reins, scoring two goals, including one in the 88th minute to secure the victory. With numerous red cards being handed out, it was inevitable that a brawl was also on the cards, instigated by a foul from Marcelo on Cesc Fabregas, sparking an all-out tussle between the rivals, which saw 4 players being sent off, and an incident where manager Jose Mourinho (Madrid) poked manager Tito Vilanova (Barça) in the eye.
  • Real Madrid 2 - 1 Barcelona (2014): Not a particularly high scoring game, it is certainly one of the most iconic displays of speed, tenacity and precision, in the 2014 Copa del Rey Final. The moment that Gareth Bale showed the world what true pace looked like, cementing his status as a global soccer superstar.
  • Real Madrid 2 - 3 Barcelona (2017): In a crucial match against their historic rivals, Lionel Messi went on to score a dramatic winning goal when his team needed it the most, chasing a highly sought after victory to keep up with their Spanish rivals in La Liga. It was undoubtedly Messi's cool and calm demeanor blending perfectly with his precise finishing in the dying moments of the game that made this El Clásico the best of the 21st century. His goal, securing a crucial win for Barcelona against their biggest rivals, Real Madrid.

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Did You Know?

Just a handful of noteworthy players in the history of El Clásico have had the privilege of donning the jersey for both Los Blancos and Barça, namely Luís Figo, Samuel Eto'o,  and one of the greatest strikers to ever play the game, Ronaldo Nazario.

  • Luis Figo: Easily one of the bitterest of all trades between the two clubs, Figo played 5-seasons at Barça before making the move to Los Blancos where he completed 5 more campaigns.
  • Appearances/Goals for Barcelona: 249/45
  • Appearances/Goals for Real Madrid: 239/57
  • Samuel Eto'o: Eto'o started his career at Real Madrid however fell short of making any notable impact, moving to Mallorca where he cemented his name as one of soccer's greats. He later joined Barcelona in 2004 and had an extremely successful career, winning multiple titles and always scoring goals, proving to Real Madrid that letting him go in the first place was a huge mistake.
  • Appearances/Goals for Barcelona: 199/130
  • Appearances/Goals for Real Madrid: 7/0
  • Ronaldo Nazario: Till this day, Ronaldo is still admired by fans of both teams and considered one of soccer’s all time greats! He had a successful season at Barcelona, scoring 47 goals in 49 appearances and winning several trophies. He then moved to Real Madrid, where he won one league title and continued to score goals consistently.
  • Appearances/Goals for Barcelona: 49/47
  • Appearances/Goals for Real Madrid: 177/104

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