Spin and Win: Sportingbet’s Wheel of Fortune Live Game Betting!

Spin and Win: Sportingbet’s Wheel of Fortune Live Game Betting! - sportingbet

Live casino games have never been more popular, and amongst them, there’s none more popular than Wheel of Fortune games. For those who don’t know, a Wheel of Fortune game is a live game that puts you in the seat of a game show that promises awesome odds. It’s as easy as placing a bet on a number, and watching the wheel spin. If the wheel lands on the number you placed your bet on, you cash out your bet multiplied by the number you bet on.

That’s just the basics, and there are tons of Wheel of Fortune games with all sorts of ways to keep you on your feet. The best part is Sportingbet has them all! Let’s take a look at what we have spinning.

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is the mother of Wheel of Fortune games and sticks to the basics. If you’re looking to keep things simple, Dream Catcher is the game for you. It follows the basic rules of a wheel fortune game with no variation. Simply pick a multiplier to bet on, watch the wheel spin, and cash out if your number gets selected, multiplied by the number you bet on.

Crazy Time

Crazy Time is our most popular Wheel of Fortune game, and it’s no surprise, it’s completely nuts! Not only are there numbers to bet on, but a variety of mini-games as well. This opens up a whole world of insanity. Every round, a TV on top of the wheel runs like a two-reeled slot, depending on what the slot lands on, a multiplier is applied to a certain number, increasing the payout of any bet that was on that number. 

There are four mini-games: Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time. 

Cash Hunt shows a wall of 108 random multipliers that are covered by random symbols. You then aim a cannon on screen. When the cannon goes off, you score the multiplier that you aimed that cannon at.

Pachinko is a classic game of throwing a ball down a random slot and seeing where it lands. The ball hits pegs as it falls down the board and lands on a multiplier. Your bet is then multiplied by the multiplier it lands on!

Coin Flip is a simple flip of a coin with two random multipliers on its sides. The coin is flipped and your bet is multiplied by the multiplier amount it lands on.

Crazy Time is a truly unique mini-game! The host slips behind a secret door and enters the wild world of Crazy Time! A giant wheel of fortune is revealed with three flaps of different colours. Every slot on the wheel is an amazing multiplier. You pick a colour corresponding to the colour of a flapper. The wheel is spun and you get your bet multiplied by the multiplier corresponding to the colour flapper you chose.

Crazy Time Pid 4 - sportingbet

Funky Time

Funky Time is a Wheel of Fortune game that really gets down with a hip 70s vibe! Instead of numbers, you choose to place your bet on 1, PLAY, FUNKY, or TIME. Bets on 1 payout double whilst bets on letters return a winning of 25.00! When the wheel spins, random multipliers are placed on certain slots giving you an even higher return if you win on one of the selected slots. 

There are also mini-games you can place your bet on: Disco, Disco VIP, Stayin’ Alive, and BAR

Disco: It’s time to hit the dance floor and boogie with some multipliers! Disco sends us to a dance floor where Mr. Funky jives across a grid with different multipliers. 

A turntable spins at the top of the screen and lands on various directions — where the direction lands, our Mr. Funky goes. Every multiplier Mr. Funky lands on is added to a pool, stacking up numbers for big wins!

Disco VIP: Get ready to groove with the VIP Disco Bonus, the funkadelic upgrade to the classic Disco bonus! We're taking it up a notch with a larger 6x3 grid, giving Mr. Funky more room to strut his stuff and snag those wins.

But that's not all! This VIP version is dripping with even bigger multipliers. Picture yourself surrounded by colossal multipliers of 50x, 250x, 500x, and a mind-blowing 1,500x. It's a funky fiesta where the wins are as smooth as the bassline and as flashy as the disco lights!

Stayin’ Alive: Get ready to groove with this special round that's part bingo, part mind-bending multiplier madness. A ball-drawing machine loaded with 90 vibrant balls and a 20-level multiplier ladder, sets the stage for a funky showdown.

Your mission? Pick your colour: purple, orange, or green, and let the funky fun begin! As the game kicks off, watch those balls roll. Land on a 1 or 2, and you'll shimmy up the ladder by 1 or 2 levels. But beware the Black Ball—it's a vibe killer, knocking off one of your precious lives. Lose all four, and the current multiplier unlocks.

Each rung on the ladder packs a punch, starting at a cool 5x and grooving all the way up to a whopping 1000x at level 20. 

But hold up—there's more! If you've got that bonus mojo working, the final multiplier can get even funkier with a boost from the Digiwheel's bonus segment.

Bar: Welcome to the grooviest joint in town, where a funky robot barkeep serves up the vibes and the drinks! Step up to the beat and choose your poison from three tantalizing options. Each glass holds the promise of a different multiplier, ranging from a smooth 2x to a wild 20x.

But here's where the real magic happens: as the robot pours those righteous mocktails, a funky slot reel starts spinning behind the bar. With a flick of luck, it lands on an extra multiplier, randomly blessing one of those glasses with an even juicier boost.

So, pick your glass, feel the rhythm, and let the funk flow through you as you ride the wave of multipliers to glory!

Whether you like to keep things simple, get crazy, or down and funky, there’s a Wheel of Fortune game for you! Use your Sportingbet welcome bonus or deposit match to make the most of your bets! Check out the Sportingbet live games tab to find the best live game odds!