Crypt of Giza: Ancient Egypt’s Live Casino Game

Crypt of Giza: Ancient Egypt’s Live Casino Game - sportingbet

Sportingbet is proud to announce the launch of our latest exclusive live casino game, Crypt of Giza. This thrilling Egyptian-themed gameshow transports players into the heart of an ancient tomb, where they become brave adventurers tasked with mastering a mesmerizing game of chance inspired by Pachinko.

For those unfamiliar, Pachinko is a popular Japanese mechanical game that combines elements of pinball and slot machines. Players bet on small steel balls that are launched into a vertical playing field filled with an array of pins, levers, and obstacles. The objective is to predict where the balls will fall through the maze-like field to reach specific targets or pockets that trigger various rewards. As the balls fall, they interact with the pins, creating a captivating and unpredictable game of chance. But Crypt of Giza takes this excitement to an entirely new level.

Crypt of Giza Gameplay - sportingbet

How to Play Crypt of Giza

In Crypt of Giza, your mission is to predict which of the fifteen numbered pockets a ball will land in. Place your bets on numbers ranging from 1 to 15, then watch as the board transforms, displaying numbers in random positions, along with twelve multipliers and three tantalizing bonus icons. The game presenter launches the ball from the top of the board, where it bounces off pegs and obstacles, building anticipation until it finally lands in one of the pockets. The pocket determines the winning number, and if your number is associated with a multiplier, you'll enjoy thrilling payouts, such as a 20 to 1 return on a x20 multiplier. If your winning number is linked to a bonus icon, get ready for even more excitement as you enter one of three unique bonus games.

Crypt of Giza Bonus Rounds Explained

In Crypt of Giza, the excitement doesn't stop with the main game. Trigger one of three exhilarating bonus rounds for an added layer of thrill and rewards. Uncover hidden treasures with the Wall of Mystery, where hieroglyphs conceal valuable multipliers. Venture into the Valley of the Cobra, where escalating risks and strategic choices offer higher multipliers and the chance to cash out before encountering deadly snakes. Or, seek divine favor in the Gift from the Gods, choosing among Egyptian deities to reveal the highest multiplier. Each bonus round offers unique gameplay and the potential for substantial winnings, ensuring an unforgettable adventure in every session.

The Wall of Mystery Bonus Game, triggered by the Pyramid icon, presents a wall with 18 hieroglyphs, each hiding a random multiplier. With limited time to choose, players select one hieroglyph to reveal its hidden treasure, scoring awesome multipliers in return.

In the Valley of the Cobra Bonus Game, activated by the Chest icon, the same board is used but with higher stakes. Up to six ball drops challenge you to choose a red or blue coin, predicting where the ball will land. Successfully guessing the coin's color awards multipliers, but beware of the snake symbols that end the game and forfeit your winnings. The number of snakes increases with each drop, escalating the tension and excitement.

The Gift from the Gods Bonus Game, triggered by the Pharaoh icon, features three Egyptian gods, each concealing a random multiplier. Select one god to reveal its multiplier, with your decision determining the payout.

Crypt of Giza Betting Odds at Sportingbet

Dive into the adventure of a lifetime with Crypt of Giza at it’s exclusive home, Sportingbet. Predict, win, and uncover ancient treasures in this captivating live casino game that promises endless thrills and rewards. Are you ready to take on the challenge?