High Seas Slots: Pirates Plenty Battle for Gold

High Seas Slots: Pirates Plenty Battle for Gold - sportingbet

Have you always dreamed of sailing the high seas in search of buried treasure? Now you can do it from the comfort of your phone with Pirates Plenty Battle for Gold and the Sportingbet app. Just download the app, get the Sportingbet welcome bonus, and start spinning!

Online Slots Like Never Before

At first glance, Pirates Plenty Battle for Gold seems to be your standard online slots, but after a few spins, you’ll start to notice some special features that make it a one of a kind adventure. 

First thing you’ll notice is a symbol like no other—the Wild Monkey. Landing on the Wild Monkey brings the symbol to life and lets him run around the reels, stealing up all the low-paying symbols, allowing high-paying symbols to replace them. He’ll then give you a bonus multiplier depending on how many symbols he collects.

As you continue to spin, you’ll start landing on treasure map symbols which progress the journey of the ship at the top of your screen. Pirates Plenty Battle for Gold rewards you for your playtime by bursting open a new row once you’ve collected enough treasure maps, giving you even more chances to win big!

What really turns this game into a battle is the Battle Spin symbol. Landing on three or more Battle Spin symbols unlocks a new game mode with 8 - 12 free spins. Once you’re in this game mode, you can land on Fire! symbols, which trigger a barrage of cannon fire. Cannon balls can either land on the reels to replace them with WILD symbols that act as all symbols, or hit the enemies boat which gives you more free spins.

Pirates Plenty Battle For Gold - sportingbet

With its innovative gameplay, gorgeous graphics and immersive sound design, Pirates Plenty Battle for Gold is an online slots experience that will leave you smiling. The next time you’re looking to go for a spin, find the Sportingbet app download on Android Play Store or Mac App Store and start playing!