Has ReBet Changed Online Sports Betting?

Has ReBet Changed Online Sports Betting? - sportingbet

In my opinion, there is no worse feeling than having your 20-leg multiple go bust early on in the game. Taking those wildly impossible multileg bets adds a lot to the thrill of sports betting for many punters! But sometimes that means having to see your whole bet lose early on because one leg didn't come in.

Ever heard the saying ‘never take the early game’? These may have been wise words in the past, that you may have done well to heed. But today, market leading sports books like Sportingbet allow you to do just that; take the early game and the later games and the ones after that! What if you were able to accomplish all of this with the click of a button?

You can do it with Sportingbet’s ReBet, a feature that is part of Edit My Bet. Assuming that one of the legs in your multibet goes down early, you have the option to ReBet all of the remaining selections on your betslip so that you still have a chance of winning. Don’t let one bad leg spoil your whole bet, get on the feature that is revolutionizing sports betting in South Africa!

Rebet - sportingbet

To do this, start by placing your sports bet online. You just need to create a new bet slip with all the game selections you think still have a chance and start over, it’s that easy. Make sure you don't go down without a fight!

Just one click and Sportingbet's Edit My Bet will do the rest, adding all of the remaining active selections! Your new bet will appear with the most recent odds once you have ReBet any of your previous picks.

The Edit My Bet feature allows you to change your bet even after you've placed it. In the event that one of your selections in a multi bet loses, your bet will move from "Open Bets" to "Settled Bets" when you lose the bet. 

If you decide to place the same bet after one or more legs have lost, you should go to "Settled Bets" to do so. You can ReBet any remaining fixtures that are still to inplay or live by using Sportingbet's Edit My Bet and create a new bet slip if there are any left to play.

Good luck and happy betting!