Football Clubs With The Largest Digital Following

Football Clubs With The Largest Digital Following - sportingbet

Welcome to the thrilling realm where the passion for soccer betting & sports collides with the digital age – the Premier League Teams' Digital Following. In the dynamic world of football, the significance of a team extends beyond the pitch, encompassing a vast digital landscape where fans unite, opinions clash, and excitement knows no bounds.

This blog is your gateway to exploring the intricate web of online engagement surrounding Premier League clubs. From the pulse-pounding victories to the heart-wrenching defeats, we delve into the numbers, trends, and stories that define the digital presence of these iconic teams.

Get ready to embark on a journey where statistics meet fandom, and the beautiful game transcends the boundaries of the stadium to captivate the digital hearts of millions. Welcome to the intersection of sports, technology, and the unwavering spirit of football enthusiasts worldwide.

10. Manchester City

With many league titles to their name, and one of the best managers, City boasts an impressive social media following. They have 6.5m supporters on Twitter, 9.7m on Instagram, and a massive 52.7m fans on their Facebook page.

9. Paris Saint-German

PSG is the sole representative from the French league on this list. They were home to the youngest French talent as well as the world's most expensive player in the world. On social media, they have 28.4k followers on Twitter, a whopping 17.8m on Instagram, and 35.7m enthusiasts on Facebook.

8. Liverpool

Liverpool FC have a total of 54.2m followers. This is divided into 10.8m, 11.2m, and 32.2m between their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages respectively.

7. Juventus

The only Italian team on this list. The acquisition of CR7, significantly boosted their social media presence. In fact, the overwhelming demand for his jerseys even crashed the club's website. On Twitter, they command a following of 6.3m, on Instagram 20.2m, and on Facebook, they're followed by 36m fans.

6. Arsenal

The Gunners, appointing a new manager for the first time in two decades with Arteta, the team sits in the sixth spot on this list. Known by their nickname, "The Gunners," they boast a combined following of 64.5m fans: 13.9m on Twitter, 12.9m on Instagram, and a massive 37.7m on Facebook.

5. Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich, a European powerhouse and the lone representative from the German League on this list, holds the record with 26 Bundesliga titles to their name. Their social media presence is vast, with 974k followers on Twitter, 14.8m on Instagram, and a whopping 49.3m on Facebook.

4. Chelsea

This London-based club won the 2018 FA Cup and more and defeated former winners Manchester United. They have a strong presence in social media among the English clubs. Their Twitter account has 12.3m followers, their Instagram has 14.2m followers, and their Facebook page holds a strength of 47.1m.

3. Manchester United

The Red Devils, and their neighbours, City have been the only two English clubs to win every possible competition and with a record 20 EPL titles! This illustrious history is mirrored in their robust social media presence. With 18.5m on Twitter, 25.1m on Instagram, and a massive 73.2m on Facebook, they stand as the most followed English club.

2. Barcelona

The leaders of the Spanish League rank second in this list with a total following of 195m. This number is divided between 28.9m, 63.5m, and 102.6m on their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages, respectively. They are one of the teams to never have been relegated from their domestic league and winning it 25 times.

1. Real Madrid

The Spanish giants have a record win of 13 UCLs, and they have earned three titles between 2016–2018 under Zinedine Zidane's management. They have 31.2m followers on Twitter, 66.9m followers on Instagram, and 109.4m followers on Facebook, which makes a total of 207.5m followers. They also have the most number of followers on each of these social media platforms among all the teams.

In this digital arena, where every click, like, and share contributes to the ever-evolving narrative of football fandom, we've witnessed the power of connectivity that transcends geographical boundaries.

The game may end on the pitch, but the digital conversation surrounding it is infinite, creating a lasting legacy in the hearts and minds of fans worldwide.