Durban July 2023

Durban July 2023 - sportingbet

July Fever is here!

It's almost time for the BIG race! Several of the continent's best middle-distance horses will battle it out at Greyville for the Durban July 2023. It is SA’s biggest and most lucrative race on the calendar and we are ready! The 16:00 is packed with a high-quality field of 20 runners plus reserves. 

Let's start at the start - how to bet

If you're a novice to horse racing, the various betting markets might seem a bit puzzling. In this guide, we'll demystify the most basic forms and types of horse racing bets for you.

1. Win Bet - A 'Win' bet means you're wagering on your horse to finish in first place. Should your horse clinch the top spot, you're set to collect your winnings.

2. Place Bet - A 'Place' bet involves wagering on your horse to finish either in first or second place. Should your horse secure a position in the top two, you win. While the payout for a place bet is typically lower than a win bet, it does offer the safety net of cashing in if your horse finishes within the first two spots.

Beyond these, there are 'Exotic' wagers, like Lucky15 bets etc. However, bear in mind that these are more challenging to win compared to straight bets, can quickly become costly if not managed wisely, and necessitate a higher level of skill in handicapping horses. Once you've gained confidence with a few straight bets, feel free to explore the exciting world of exotic wagers.

How to pick a winning horse you may wonder?

First and foremost, understanding the race day program is crucial. Your horse handicapping success hinges on this. Initially, the program's numbers and jargon might be overwhelming, but with regular practice, you'll be reading it like a seasoned handicapper. Next, consider the horse's previous performance on different surface types. Tracks come in various forms - natural dirt, grass, or synthetic "all-weather" surfaces. Horses exhibit varied performance across these.

Another important factor is the history with the jockey. You can review a jockey's performance in the program. A jockey who frequently finishes in the top three, regardless of the horse they are riding, signifies talent. Finally, take into account the odds. Betting on the race favourite to win pays off 33% of the time, while placing bets on the favourite (finishing 1st or 2nd) pays off 53% of the time. So, considering the odds can be a strategic move.

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 Check out the 3 favourites of the 16:00.

  • The top contender, See It Again (3.50)

Since his significant victory in the Daily News 2000, an important precursor to the Durban July. Having the Cape Derby 2023 among his past victories, this young horse, despite the historic disadvantage, enjoys a weight-for-age benefit as he races against older horses. He's saddled with number seven under four-time Durban July winner, jockey Piere Strydom.

  • Winchester Mansion (8.00)

Impressed at Greyville this season, finishing second in the WSB 1900 and winning the Durban July Trial by three lengths. The number four saddle cloth will be worn by Winchester Mansion, with Matsunyane keeping his spot and wearing the blue and white colours of the Drakenstein Stud.

  • Safe Passage (9.00)

Despite no wins this year he has been in the spotlight for the 2023 Durban July. He's known for his three Grade Two titles, a prominent Grade One Daily News 2000 triumph, and for giving Puerto Manzano a tough competition in the Summer Cup.

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