Break the Bank: Unveiling Vault Cracker

Break the Bank: Unveiling Vault Cracker - sportingbet

Tired of experiencing the same old silly slots when fancying a fortune-filled flutter? With Vault Cracker I couldn’t have been more wrong. Sure, it does have many of the traditional online slots features, but Vault Cracker has incorporated some clever curve-balls and features giving the experience a completely new thrill. So as the sleuth-stalking blues soundscape plays, the hired muscle, hold-up artists and infamous Heist Master are ready to set out on cracking some safes and score INSTANT Cash Wins! 

Ready to outrun the feds?

Crack the Vault - Online Slot Review

Get cracking on a thrilling heist where INSTANT cash wins, second-chance spins and an arsenal of multipliers, await at every spin ready to skyrocket your winnings. In the heart of the action, safes burst out from every corner containing untold riches. With the cunning Hold-Up Artist by your side, shatter every safe to seize an INSTANT WIN. 

Enter the chief thief, the Heist Master, to embark on a daring raid for even more INSTANT PRIZES, turning each safe you crack into a fountain of cash, with potential wins soaring up to x30! So go ahead, conquer the vault, reveal all its secrets and its ultimate reward - the DIAMOND MULTIPLIER - multiplying your total wins by an astonishing 10x, catapulting your online slots experience to new heights!

One would swear with all these epic features, you start feeling that Vault Cracker almost wants you to win, giving 10 different pattern formations to win from and the opportunity to win on multiple patterns at the same time.

Vault Cracker Cast - sportingbet

Our Casino Criminal Cast

Vault Cracker’s plethora of twists also comes in the form of two daring criminal masterminds, the Heist Master and Hold-up Artist. They bring a fascinating facet to the world of Vault Cracker - their safe cracking super powers. One of your reels can land on either of them, each offering a unique way of interacting with the safes.

First, let’s look at the Hold-up Artist. Out of the two criminal power-ups, the Hold-up artist is slightly harder to score with. He only ever appears on the last reel. Why? Because he cracks every safe in the reels that's landed before him. Land on the Hold-up Artist and cash prizes immediately explode out of all your safes and more often than not, there are multiple cash safes available at the time.

As fun as cracking safes may be, it pales in comparison to the full on heist performed by the Heist Master. Always landing in the middle reel, the Heist Master opens up a whole new game mode, ‘The Heist’,  thrusting you into the heart of his dastardly plans.

The goal of ‘The Heist’ mode is to crack open as many cash safes as possible. Reels spin around the Heist Master and lock in place when they land on a safe. Fill all your reels with cash safes and you win the grand prize - the 10x Multiplier Diamond. When the diamond is unlocked, it awards a Multiplier of between 2x and 10x on the total Heist win.

Just when you think your time is up, Vault Cracker gives you more chances to win! A lucky “Second Chance Wheel” appears on screen with two options, keep spinning or get chased off by a squadron of policemen. This can continue up to three times before the cops finally catch up with you. When your time is finally up, you get cash prizes from each of the safes you accumulated!

Vault Cracker Lines - sportingbet

Running Off With My Winnings

Whether you attain that elusive 10x Multiplier Diamond or not, the Hold-up Artist and the Heist Master guarantee awesome cash prizes that really get you your money's worth. My Sportingbet Welcome Bonus couldn’t have been spent any better. So the next time I’m feeling lucky, I’ll be heading straight back to Vault Cracker from the comfort of my PC or the Sportingbet app on  iOS or Android.

Remember to bet responsibly and savour every moment.