Betting on the Australian Grand Prix 2024

Betting on the Australian Grand Prix 2024 - sportingbet

Sunday 24 March 2024 brings the Formula 1 Grand Prix to the shores of Australia at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit and we’re expecting nothing less than incredible racing. With Max Verstappen having won the previous two races in the 2024 season, now's the time to see if he can keep his win streak going, or if there are other real contenders for the title.

But before we start F1 betting, let’s take a closer look at Formula 1 in Australia, what past races may mean for the future, and who’s looking to take home the win.

Australia’s F1 Legacy

Australia, with its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture, serves as a captivating backdrop for one of the most anticipated events in the world of motorsports. From the pristine streets of Melbourne to the heart-pounding circuit of Albert Park, this race has etched its mark in the annals of Formula 1 history as a symbol of speed, skill, and spectacle. The Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit has been hosting the Australian Grand Prix since 1996, setting the stage for some of the most breathtaking races in all of Formula 1.

The Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit, situated in Albert Park, Melbourne, is a semi-permanent street circuit known for its fast straights and challenging corners. The track's layout, set around the picturesque Albert Park Lake, tests the drivers' skills with a mix of high-speed sections and tight turns, making it a favourite among both drivers and fans. 

Most interesting of all is that the Melbourne Grand Prix has proved to be a challenging race for Verstappen. Although he did take home the win in the 2023 F1 season, it is his only win on the track after losing the number spot to Leclerc in 2022. Can Verstappen clock a second consecutive win on the track for the first time, or will he get knocked off the top of the podium once again?

Formula 1 Betting

With Verstappen already leading the pack after taking home the first two wins of the tournament, it might be tempting to bet on him as the favourite for every race. But Verstappen has never won every race in a season before, so it’s the keen eyed punter that will win big predicting which races he’ll fall short on, and the Australian Grand Prix might just be that race. Betting on Verstappen to be the outright winner of 2024 Australian Grand Prix has the unenticing odds of 1.18, so now’s the time to explore other more interesting betting markets.

That’s why we offer the ‘any other driver’ betting market. With odds of 4.25, it may just be the fabled value bet that F1 punters dream about. If you’ve got the feeling that this might be the race that Verstappen doesn’t manage to grab that number one spot, then this bet is set to make you a great profit.

If you aren’t a fan of the odds of Verstappen not taking home the win, there are some other interesting Formula 1 betting markets to look into. Head to head bets put drivers in the same team up against one another, making for some interesting odds. If you know your team and who the better driver is, this is your chance to make a decent profit.

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