A Rumble at Roland Garros: Betting on the French Open

A Rumble at Roland Garros: Betting on the French Open - sportingbet

The most infamous clay court in the tennis world, the Stade Roland Garros in Paris, France, plays host to the French Open come 20 May. Also known as the Roland Garros, it’s one of the major grand slams of the annual tennis calendar and invites the best players in the world to fight for the La Coupe des Mousquetaires (‘The Musketeers' Trophy).

Historically, it’s been the place where pros are pitted up against Rafael Nadal, the veteran who’s packing an incredible 14 trophies that he’s collected from the Roland Garros. But with Nadal fresh out of a year long hiatus and his ATP rank down in the dumpsters, the stage is finally open to hopefuls who seek to claim the title for themselves. 

As 20 May quickly approaches, let’s take a look at the history of this prestigious tournament, the latest on Nadal, and what the odds say about who is going to win the French Open this year.

The Past and Future of the French Open

Initially held as the French Championships, the Roland Garros began as a national competition primarily for French tennis players. The event gradually gained international recognition, attracting players from around the globe. In 1925, the French Championships opened its doors to international competitors, further solidifying its status as a prominent fixture in the tennis calendar.

Roland Garros Stadium, located in Paris, has been the esteemed venue for the French Open since 1928. The tournament is renowned for its distinctive red clay courts, which present a unique challenge to players and contribute to the event's character. As the only clay court among the grand slam tournaments, it presents a unique challenge that demands players stay on their toes and expect the unexpected.

For the past four years, the tournament trophy has bounced back and forth between Nadal and Djokovic, but the scales have been irreversibly tipped thanks to a near career ending injury suffered by Nadal. Nadal managed to show up in Madrid where he delivered a grim message, stating that if the French Open was happening right then and there, he would not feel up to playing. This could very well be the first French Open to not feature the former champion in over a decade.

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Roland-Garros Tennis Betting Odds

Even with his attendance still hanging in the balance, odds have been released for Nadal — 7.00 that he’ll take home the trophy, a far cry from the life of the favourite year after year for over a decade. But considering that his current ATP rank is 644, these odds are actually quite generous. It will take a die-hard Nadal supporter to make this bet, but who knows what magic can happen when he returns to his stomping grounds.

One would think that with Nadal out of the favourite seat, his number one rival Novak Djokovic would have taken his place. However, an incredible performance from Carlos Alcaraz this year so far has placed him as the favourite. Whilst we wait for the results from Madrid, a tournament that Alcaraz won in both 2022 and 2023, his odds sit at 2.75. Now might be the time to make that bet because they’re bound to shift if he comes out of Madrid a winner for a third time in a row.

Finally we look to the contemporary tennis hero, Djokovic. Some might find it surprising that he didn’t automatically claim the favourite seat considering that he won the French Open in 2023, instead, he takes the second spot with odds of 3.50. Hardcore Djokovic supporters might be doing cartwheels looking at those odds, and they’d be wise to bet quickly in case he comes out of Madrid a winner and he suddenly becomes the favourite. 

This year’s French Open promises to be an exhilarating one. Without a clear winner in sight and odds ready to tilt in any direction, it’s prime time for a punter to find the value bet of their dreams. Sportingbet is the home of the best tennis odds, and you can place your bet on the outright winner of the Roland Garros right now. Get betting!