What Is A Banker Bet?

What Is A Banker Bet? - sportingbet

Introduction - What is a Banker Bet?

Let's be honest, Sportsbetting is like a chess match between you and the bookie. Your job as a punter is to level the playing field. One way of doing this, is to add what we call a Banker Bet, in your sports betting multi.

This banker bet becomes the cornerstone of your bets. It's a technique that Sportingbet really makes the most of.

Imagine, for a second, that you’re a big football fan. You’ve decided to place bets on three Premier League matches and two La Liga games. In normal circumstances you’d be able to bet on these matches either individually or as an accumulator, which groups them together. Instead of opting for a standard acca, however, you change it to a Banker bet(system bet), which changes the look of the betting slip and sees each of the teams that you’ve selected to win altered slightly.

Now they have a ‘B’ next to them, with the ‘B’ standing for ‘Banker’. You can now choose which of these matches you think will definitely end up with your chosen team winning the match in hand. That will be the one that you are most convinced will end in victory for your chosen team, so it will be your banker bet.

The banker bet means that you need Liverpool to win their match, but you can choose how many of the other games you think will definitely result in wins for the teams you’ve predicted. If Liverpool lose then your entire bet is a loser, because they were your banker team. If they win, though, then it’s all to play for.

In order to collect your winnings, the chosen number of teams will need to win their matches in order for your bet to be a winning one. The key thing with a banker bet, and the thing that makes it different from an accumulator wager, is that it doesn’t matter which of your other bets come home. In other words, if you said that you thought two out of your four bets would definitely win then as long as two of the four are winners you’re golden, irrespective of which ones they are.

Obviously the more bets you think will win, the higher the odds will be for your bet. The problem is, the more you say will win, the higher the chance of the wager being a losing one. Your chosen selections don’t need to be happening on the same say, nor do they even need to be selections in the same sport. The minimum number of selections that you can have in a banker bet is 3 and the maximum is 14.

Because of the manner in which banker bets can be mixed and matched, you could choose five football matches, two rugby games, four tennis matches and three snooker games to bet on. You could choose three of them to be bankers and six of the remaining eleven to win. As long as your three bankers come home and six or more of the remaining selections end up being winners, you’ll have selected a winning bet.

Here's how: